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Shopping Questions



A. Flooring is subject to more direct abuse than any other home furnishing. The flooring made today is more durable and gives higher performance than ever before. However, the manufacturers’ warranties and protections are often misunderstood and may make exaggerated claims.

Wear resistance, for example, on a carpet is commonly touted but misrepresented. A ten-year wear warranty might be interpreted as “the carpet will look as good in ten years as it does in the first year,” but in actuality, the manufacturer is suggesting that if the carpet has lost more than 10% of its fiber content then it warrants a claim (and this rarely happens). In use, all carpet will lay over or “mat and crush.” How much matting and crushing occurs depends on carpet density, construction, traffic and maintenance. No carpet is guaranteed against appearing to be worn out.

Ultimately, the manufacturers are good at standing behind their products (ie. if there’s a “bad egg” they fix it), but it’s based upon whether or not a product defect exists prior to customer wear and tear.

It is important to us at Cost-U-Less Carpets that you, the consumer, choose the best flooring for your particular need. Your satisfaction is our main concern, and our expert consultants will help you decipher warranties and assure that you get what you pay for.


A. Carpet is made of fiber which is either natural (wool, sisal) or synthetic (nylon, polyester, olefin). As a general rule, carpet that has shorter, denser and more tightly twisted fibers will look better in the long run. A good quality pad will not only provide extra cushion and softness, but it will enhance carpet performance over time. A particular carpet’s texture and color may vary by dye lot.


A. Often too much emphasis is placed on the practical aspects of carpet. Carpet is also beautiful to look at and to walk on, and can truly enhance the style and livability of your home. With over 20 years of experience in the flooring business, Cost-U-Less Carpets knows that there are different factors to consider – durability, warranties, cost and so on – but we also know that you won’t be happy unless you choose a carpet that works for you and that you like. It’s okay to make a decision based on preference rather than practicality, luxury and fashion rather than warranties. It just might mean the difference between living and LIVING.


Installation questions



A. Depending on the installation area:
  • FURNITURE & APPLIANCES: Furniture and appliances should be removed from rooms where flooring will be installed. INSTALLERS WILL NOT MOVE GAS APPLIANCES OR REFRIDGERATORS WITH ICE MAKERS.
  • HEAT & POWER: Permanent heat and power must be on for at least 24 hours prior to installation.
  • DOORS: Please remove all doors, including closet doors, where flooring will be laid. Installer will not remove, cut, or adjust doors to fit the new carpet.
  • TOILETS: When flooring is to be installed in bathrooms, toilets must be pulled out. Should you need assistance, the installer may help do this for a specified price. However, STATE REGULATIONS WILL NOT ALLOW A FLOORING INSTALLER TO “RESET” YOUR TOILET.
  • OLD CARPET & PAD: Old carpet and pad should be pulled up and the floor cleaned if this extra service is not purchased.
  • FLOOR PREPARATION: Floors need to be smooth, clean and solid; nail squeaky floors with cement-coated or galvanized nails, or wood screws.
  • TACK STRIP: Tack strip along the walls should be left down for carpet installation, unless you are getting a glue-down product.
  • NEW PAINT OR WALLPAPER: To prevent damage, complete all new painting and wallpapering at least one week prior to installation of flooring.
  • SUPERVISION: A responsible adult must be at the job site to grant the installer access, confirm correct materials are installed, show where materials are to be installed, and to pay for the C.O.D.
  • WORKING SPACE: To insure proper installation and stretching of carpet, all other workers and contractors should be finished and out of the way of the installer.
  • SCHEDULING: A specific arrival hour cannot be scheduled. However, the installer will arrive as close to the specified “morning” or “afternoon” appointment as possible. Should you need to change a scheduled installation appointment, please give us at least 48 hours notice.


A.Your project may require that two pieces of carpet be seamed together. No seam is guaranteed invisible, but longer profile, multi-color carpets hide seams best.


A. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the installation and quality of the carpet you selected. If there is a manufacturing problem we will work to facilitate the mill’s replacing it at no charge to you. If there is an installation problem, we will take care of it for the lifetime of your carpet.