Should I Choose Hardwood for my Floors?

Should I Choose Hardwood for my Floors?

Hardwood is a flooring option that creates a warm and inviting look in any home. If you are considering hardwood for your floors, there are four benefits that you should know about: hardwood is organic, timeless, stylish and offers limitless options!

Engineered Hardwood is made from a “real-world”, organic material: wood! The process begins with plies of wood glued together, called core board, and a veneer of hardwood is placed at the top and bottom of the surface. These organic materials bring the outdoors into your home and an eco-effective design that breathes freshness into any space.

Hardwood is timeless. Hardwood is a classic beauty that gives options of colors and styles that transcend trends and time. Hardwood has been used in homes since the 1600’s and was popularized in the 80’s and 90’s as an alternative to carpet. Choosing hardwood flooring for your home allows you to enjoy your purchase for years to come due to its lasting presence within the flooring industry.

Hardwood is stylish. Hardwood offers elegant, exotic, rustic, traditional, modern and many more genres of style. Choosing the species of wood that you feel reflects your design is paramount to creating the look you are envisioning for your space. Species of hardwood include: cherry, walnut, oak, red oak, white oak, maple, hickory, douglas fir, teak, birch and pine.

The options of hardwood are endless! Not only can consumers choose their wood type, there are also options of grains, stains, finishes, plank widths and more! These options allow you to find the best fit for your home and create a space which embodies just the look you are seeking.

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