Carpet Care & Maintenance


Caring for Carpet

  • If you spill on your carpet, clean the area as soon as possible to keep the stain from soaking into carpet fibers.
  • If you spill food, remove as much of the food as you can. If needed, add water and carpet cleaning solution. Then, use your vacuum to suck up any remaining food. For more stubborn stains, continue to add water as you vacuum.
  • There are many types of spot removal products available. To keep your carpets functioning at their best, use one that is recommended by The Carpet and Rug Institute of America. When using a spot removal product, apply it to a cloth first and blot test on a less visible area. If there is no change in the color of carpet, continue to use it on the soiled surface. Blot stains instead of rubbing them back and forth.
  • With stubborn stains that continue to show after using spot removal solution, you may put 3% hydrogen peroxide on the spot, let it stand for an hour, and then continue blotting the area with a cloth.

Keeping Carpet Beautiful

  • Vacuum your carpets often. This keeps soil and dirt from becoming packed into the pile.
  • Different types of vacuums work better with different types of carpets. Ask your sales consultant which type of vacuum is preferable for your carpet.
  • Carpets should be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months.
  • If you find a snag in the pile of your carpet, use scissors to cut it away. Pulling or tugging on the snag may lead to more unravel.
  • If your carpet gets burned, use a small pair of curved scissors to remove the tops of the pile strands that are burnt. If the affected area is too damaged, you may consider having a professional carpet installation specialist patch the area.
  • When furniture is moved from carpet there are often dents left in the surface. The heat from a hair dryer or steam iron (do not touch the iron to the carpet) can help the fibers to stand back up.
  • In the case of excessive water contact, professional carpet cleaners can lift and dry both sides of the carpet.

Tips for Soft Carpet

Soft carpet should be maintained with specific vacuum settings:

  • Adjustable Height – Keep the vacuum on a high setting when vacuuming soft carpets.
  • Efficient Airflow – Vacuums should allow for air flow to move through the machine and your carpet.
  • Large Wheels – Bigger wheels on your vacuum allows the machine to move with greater fluidly across more plush carpets.
  • For specific care requirements regarding your product, refer to warranty information.