Tile Care & Maintenance


Caring for Your Tile Floor

  • Vacuum or sweep up dirt and debris from tile floors. Use a wet-mop to clean floors.
  • Glazed Tile: To clean tiles in the tub or shower, use a multipurpose cleaner. For tiles outside of the shower or bath, use an all-purpose, non-oil-based cleaner. Check to see that cleaners are safe to use on grout joints.
  • Unglazed Tile: Use concentrated tile cleaners that are colorless and have a natural pH. When choosing a cleaner, opt for one that is rated for the purpose and traffic level of your tile. For glass tiles, both glass and tile cleaning agents are suitable.

Preventing Damage

  • Before using scouring powders or sealants on your tile, test them on a less visible area.
  • After your tile is installed, use a sealer on grout joints to keep dirt and grime from staining or soiling grout lines.
  • After cleaning your tile, use water to rinse off any remaining cleaning solution.
  • If any tiles are damaged or broken, contact a certified installation specialist to help you complete any repairs.

Additional Protection

  • Place mats and rugs throughout your home to protect your tile floors from excess debris that is brought in by shoes. Placing mats in high traffic areas will help reduce wear and protect floors.
  • Cleaners that are wax, oil-based, or that contain acid or bleach, should not be used on tile surfaces.
  • Cleaning materials that contain metal or steel (wool pads or scouring pads) should not be used on tile